• Control of the press via potentiometer or via EcoControl
  • For optimal setting of the operating point of the oil press
  • Motor outputs from 7.5-75kW

The EcoPressController is matched to our EcoToast compact toast systems. There is no restriction regarding the possible oil press manufacturers. Only the parameters have to be adapted to the needs of the oil press series. The selection of the right EcoPress controller depends solely on the engine power of the oil press.

With the EcoPressController you can optimize the speed of your oil press optimally for the desired operation.
For example, reduce the speed for higher oil yield or increase the speed for higher system throughput.

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The EcoPressController can either be operated solo or in combination with the EcoToast. In the latter case, the press speed can be set using the potentiometer or our EcoControl. With the EcoControl it is also possible to make the adjustment via a connection to a PC.